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bees-R [bɪˈzɑː] focuses on the creation of dance and multi-genre productions with international relevance


Peach armchair pink curtain and a yellow standing lamp

Photos: Noro Knap

A view of urban industrial buildings
Men wearing black standing in a room covered with peachy wallpaper
An urban landscape view from an apartment window

When animals are deprived of their natural environment, they tend to develop an abnormal repetitive behaviour : elephants swinging their heads, giraffes obsessively licking a metal bar, primates going from left to right with the exact number of steps following the exact trajectory. Observing these animals, you could make a parallel with GIFs, repetitive moving images very common on social networks. But these „GIFs" made by animals in distress are rather being hidden, they look weird, troubling and uncomfortable for the public. Yet we massively continue to treat animals as objects, as means of profit.  

In her new creation, Jana Terekova is looking for obsessed, weird, troubled and troubling, alienated bodies, which are able to turn into calm bodies instantly, stretching out time, doing nothing or too less, carrying out rituals without apparent sense, inefficient and unnecessary. 

The work can be received as an ironic and bitter action in the face of general inaction, ignorance and arrogance. And as a praise of uselessness and boredom, creating a counterweight to the world  based on the negotium (as opposed to otium), obsessed with utility and efficiency that has reduced nature and living beings in consumer goods.


First Premiere 13.13.22 Galéria Umelka

Second Premiere 13.3.23 Nová Cvernovka

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