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bees-R [bɪˈzɑː] focuses on the creation of dance and multi-genre productions with international relevance


Peach armchair pink curtain and a yellow standing lamp

Photos: Noro Knap

A view of urban industrial buildings
Men wearing black standing in a room covered with peachy wallpaper
An urban landscape view from an apartment window

When animals are deprived of their natural environment, locked in inappropriate spaces, in zoos, circuses, or laboratories, they tend to develop abnormal repetitive behaviors. Picking at nothing, floating limbs, head banging, head waving, rocking, or pacing are the stereotypical movements of animals locked in  captivity.

In her new piece, Jana Tereková creates weird, possessed, alienated, troubled and troubling bodies which are able to turn into calm bodies instantly, stretching out time, doing nothing or too less, carrying out rituals without apparent sense, inefficient and unnecessary. They draw the spectator into a strange universe that fascinates, hypnotizes, where time seems suspended. The beings on the stage are distant yet intimately familiar. They are animals, humans, objects, imaginary creatures.

The work can be received as an ironic and bitter action in the face of general inaction, ignorance and arrogance. And as a praise of long time and boredom, creating a counterweight to the world  obsessed with utility and efficiency that has reduced nature and non human animals in consumer goods.


Concept, choreography: Jana Tereková

Dance: Edita Antalová, Daniel Raček, Jana Tereková

Sound: Joseph Champagnon

Costumes: Gabriela Čechová

Lights: Jozef Miklós

Opening night : 14th of December 2022 | Galéria Umelka | Bratislava


Dance piece

Run time : 55 minutes

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