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bees-R [bɪˈzɑː] focuses on the creation of dance and multi-genre productions with international relevance


Is it really possible to be professional in the art of exposing ourselves, of making something visible? Isn’t it necessary to be childish / wild/ passionate to be able to dive freely and fully and produce unexpected beauty? Does a good audience have to watch politely and understand only what the makers hope it will be watched and understood? Isn’t there perhaps something more to be spied, realized, digged out, around and between what we are used and able to control?

We know it is possible to manipulate the inconsistent tides of the attention, and such ability of seducing and attracting can be very useful. But how about riding an impetus and accepting to share our fragility?


SEE tries to show what is visible, obvious, undeniable.

And to reveal what is hidden, or fuzzy, or vague, or too small to be noticed. But also to be simple as a jump into the water, offering the chance to be watched by anarchic, ironic, childish eyes.


Concept and direction: Davide Sportelli

Dance: Soňa Ferienčíková, Zuzana Hianiková, 

Jaroslav Ondruš, Jana Tereková

Music: Silas Bieri, Massimo Giangrande

Movement cooperation: Alessio Castellacci

Costumes: C. H. Blitz

Light design: Róbert Polák

Premiere: 13 & 14 Sept 2011 Bratislava, elledanse theater


Dance piece with live music

Run time : 50 minutes

Photos: Lea Lovišková

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