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bees-R [bɪˈzɑː] focuses on the creation of dance and multi-genre productions with international relevance


Photos: Noro Knap

The natural sounds are disappearing, the buzzing of insects, the songs of birds are becoming rarer each spring. In recent years, the sounds made by animals have been the subject of intense scientific research. The cries of crows, the buzzing of bees, the croaking of frogs, the songs of whales are languages ​​loaded with meaning. What do these sounds do to our bodies? Choreographer Jana Terekova explores them with an artistic gaze: by entering into the materiality of sound, by perceiving the flesh behind a sudden cry or a meditative croaking, the sounds become a generator of movement qualities and forms. The sensitive bodies, crossed by the sound vibration, obsessed, let themselves be carried away and carry away into a strange universe which disturbs the gaze. They can be seen as humans or non-humans, as animals, as machines or something in between.

„Fettered to the Moment“ : this is how Nietzsche described animals as opposed to humans, stuck in an eternal present, without memory or the ability to anticipate the future.

Concept and choreography: Jana Tereková

Dance and creation: Edita Antalová, Daniel Raček / Lukáš Zahy, Jana Tereková

Music: Stroon, Joseph Champagnon

Costumes: Gabriela Paschová

Opening night 7th of September 2020 @ Ticho a spol. Theatre, Bratislava

FETTERED TO THE MOMENT (Out of the Black Box)

Tanečná inštalácia

Doba chodu: 42 minút


Dance piece

Run time: 55 minutes

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