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bees-R [bɪˈzɑː] focuses on the creation of dance and multi-genre productions with international relevance


The choreographer creates a space where the dance goes back and forth between body and objects. The body is metamorphosed, objectified, becomes a puppet, a sheet or a marionette. Objects, empty shells, are filled with sensitivity, become carriers of memory and physicality, erratic subjects in an off-center space.

Choreography and dance: Jana Terekova
Music: Joseph Champagnon
Scene and costumes: Gabriela Paschova, Martin Čech
Light design: Boris Adamčík, Lukáš Kubičina
Animation of marionettes: Jana Terekova, Joseph Champagnon, Roman Gombarček

Artistic coaching: Jean Gaudin

Opening night: 18 Jun 2018, Ticho & spol. Theatre,  Bratislava



Dance piece with marionettes

Run time : 50 minutes

Photos: Lea Lovišková, Barbora Dolinajová

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